A Note to Parents

Doesn’t matter if they’re disabled or completely abled – here’s a note to parents on picture and filming etiquette when it comes to your children.

Imagine you are upset or distraught. It doesn’t matter why, when or where… You’ve lost your temper or you’ve just burst into tears – your emotions have gotten the better of you right at that moment and you just can’t control it any more – they’ve all just burst out. It may take you a little time to come back to yourself, calm down or cheer up – and get on with the business of being you – but you had a weak and vulnerable moment where you were completely and emotionally raw.

Now imagine that while you were in that raw and distraught state someone close to you shoved a camera in your face and either filmed it or took pictures of you in that moment. They took a moment when you were vulnerable and they took pictures of it – that they then proceed to put up on the internet for all their friends and your family to laugh at and to some degree ridicule.

How would you feel about their action? How would you feel about that person? That person close to you – who is supposed to care about you – would you still be their friends or talk to them after that? After they completely breached your trust that way?

If the answer is “No.” or that you would feel utterly humiliated and ashamed – that you wouldn’t want to talk to them after that – that you would be HORRIFIED to have a private moment where you broke down shared everywhere for the sake of comedy.

Take five seconds to think about the fact that millions of parents do that EVERY DAY with their children. Toddlers to pre-teens (Sometimes even teens). Every day there is someone uploading a picture or a short film of their child in a vulnerable and emotionally raw state for whatever the reason – ludicrous or not – up on the internet for their friends and family to see, for the world to see.

Your children have just demonstrated that they have the same emotions as you – why would you show a complete lack of empathy to them by sharing that moment? Maybe you can’t always fix it – maybe it is in reaction to being told no for some reason – maybe they refuse to let you comfort them… but that’s not the point. If they have to go through the whole thing without you being able to help them feel better… DON’T go ahead with something that were they your age would make them feel WORSE. That they don’t understand it isn’t a good enough excuse – you’re still humiliating them.

You want to share the experience with friends and family and hope for people to come up and say “oh me too- my kid does that too” so you have someone to talk to about it.. fine – USE YOUR WORDS and write it down. DON’T take a picture of it or film it. Because there is NO WAY your child can consent at the time to having their picture taken then (and likely if it were you – you wouldn’t consent to it – so why do you imagine they would?).

It’s not funny. And I don’t understand how you can’t SEE that.


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