Working as a disabled person, not as simple as just having a job

This is a big issue, another issue is if you’re NOT already in a job when you become disabled or if you were born disabled because often times you can’t find an employer in the first place willing to make reasonable adjustments so you can do the job when they could just go out and hire someone they don’t have to accommodate more than anyone else for.

These issues make people’s anger and nasty rhetoric to people who are disabled and on benefits even worse – because the fault just DOESN’T lie with the disabled person – and we’re still getting the blame.

Millly's Move

In many ways I was lucky, I become disabled whilst I was already in a job, I was able to negotiate reasonable adjustments and stay in the same role. In the last year I’ve had a few more health issues and staying in work has become more complicated. I now need a new wheelchair and a new home.  It sounds straight forward, go to NHS wheelchair services and get the wheelchair that fits my needs and, as both me and my husband work and we can afford a mortgage, buy a home that better fits my needs. Only it’s so much more complicated that that.

A year ago I was referred to Wheelchair Services by the Occupational Therapist I was seeing at RNOH Stanmore whilst inpatient. 6 months later I had an assessment, and found out they don’t provide wheelchair vouchers for powerchair users. Once we’ve moved to a house…

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