My Awful Week

From the end of last week and on into this one I’ve had a really bad ear infection in my right ear. The pain was excruciating, it was in my ear, down my jaw and there was redness behind my ear as well as inside. So my GP was afraid that I might have mastoiditis. Infection in the bone which can lead to brain ulcers, blood clots, deafness etc. While I’d been at my GP I’d also talked about a need for a painkiller for my general pain all over my body which another Doc at my GP Surgery thought might be due to Vit D deficiency. And as much as I was taking Vit D like a good girl and it might help in future etc, certainly couldn’t hurt, it wasn’t helping with my pain now because vitamin D is not a pain killer, it’s the latest trend (yes, I believe it’s a trend, medical trends happen, years ago they used to prescribe white bread).

So I got Co-amoxiclav and Sofradex ear drops for my ears and Codine for my pain. I was also sent immediately to the hospital for a registrar to look at to see if it was mastoiditis or just a really bad ear infection. That was the Monday, Monday was incidentally also the transfer day at my son’s new school so I was attending that in the morning almost fainting because I had to stand up for near an hour in the sun with just a wall and a walking stick to lean on, AND my ex turned up with never a by-your-leave or warning so I had to arrange quickly some impromptu access for him and my son at a local park because if it had just been a quick “hi-bye” situation my son would have been inconsolable. All the medical stuff happened in the afternoon.

It wasn’t mastoiditis it was just a really bad ear infection. Registrar put a “wick” in my ear to help my drops go down my super-small pathways, which was REALLY REALLY painful. We TOLD him that I had autism and thus sensory differences but of course as with near all professionals you could hear this information whistling as it passed over his head. Then we were given instructions to have the wick removed on Thursday but if symptoms got worse such as redness and swelling I was to come back immediately.

Symptoms got worse, least enough to worry my mother, who was watching me for 24 hours on the grounds that it was medical advice even though THAT MORNING I had told her that I would back off and give her some time to herself and not visit every week so she could decompress. So I was feeling guilty as a catholic priest in a whore house.

So we went back to the hospital on the Tuesday. While waiting in the waiting room for an emergency slot in the treatment room after all the scheduled ones I had the new, or renewed since I had it happen before way back in the mists of time, symptom of the whole of my legs and in my hands (especially tips of fingers) going through pins and needles then losing all sensation but heaviness and not being able to move them.. before movement and feeling would come back. This was something the registrar told me was unrelated to my ear (well, no Duh). I responded that “Of course, it’s not called Ears, Nose and Legs” which made his boss laugh. The wick was intolerable and I spent the time from when it went in to when it came out wanting to chop half my head off just so I’d no longer have to feel it, it fortunately however had done it’s job. The infection hadn’t spread but I was told to go off the Codine because some of my symptoms could be caused by Codine. Bye, bye, blissful pain relief, hello weak stand in Paracetamol. I was still to come in on Thursday to see how it was going but to keep using the drops and Co-amoxiclav. I was also told to go see a GP Doc ASAP about my legs.

Cometh Wednesday, son was finally back at nursery for the mornings until the end of next week and it was parent’s evening. In the morning I phoned my GP the instant the phone lines opened (still staying at my mother’s house mind you for her to watch me) and the receptionist, once she finally picked up after 8 “line is currently busy” hang ups, REFUSED to give me an emergency appointment with a Doc but had me go see the prescribing nurse at JUST after I’d drop my son off at nursery. I acquiesced and went, hobbling with great pain in legs PLUS occasional in-and-out issues, he was a nice melanin-enriched gentleman with deep voice who listened to my symptoms, took my vitals (normal as always because why the hell would my body be cooperative when it can be weird) then wrote a note to reception for me to give them saying I needed to see a Doc ASAP (me providing instructions from a Registrar at a hospital cannot be believed, but the prescribing nurse at their own practice is at least given credence), he believed I wouldn’t see anyone that day because of course it was short notice and a half day anyway since the surgery was closing after lunch for training. Fortunately however I got in to see a F2 Doc there on her 6 month training placement that morning about an hour later (so time enough to go home and angry squid with my mother over receptionists at GPs). I went back, she asked me about the general pain I mentioned as well and if I’d any thoughts about it. I confessed I thought I might have Fibromyalgia a while back and that one of the other Docs at the practice had stated that Fibromyalgia was very rare (starting sentence with “Let me tell you my take on Fibromyalgia….” and continuing with how rarely she diagnoses it) so went on with her thought that it was Vit D deficiency.

This doc told me the in-and-out leg stuff could be…. wait for it…. waiiiittt… A symptom of Fibromyalgia. However on my whole swathe earlier of blood tests (pre-infection) other than the Vit D I had also gotten a high inflammation result which could be an inflammation arthritis like my mother. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL FOLKS! She went to go confer with one of the senior Docs for a bit, came back and told me I would need to make an appointment to see a neurologist because it could ALSO possibly be Multiple Sclerosis. They need to test to be sure and then it would be queried for Fibromyalgia. So had all the referral paperwork to do to book an appointment to see a neurologist. Then went to pick up my son and then help my mother pack so she could go stay with her boyfriend at his house while I dog sat at her house and got my grandmother to babysit my son so I could hobble down to parents’ evening. (Son had absolutely glowing report).

Mum of course was now scared of the prospect of MS so we’ve both quietly put on our wish list for it to be Fibro or Arthritis but I highly doubt Vit D because this is the SECOND time I’ve had pain walking (first time being at age 19 and had to use a walking stick I nicknamed “Greg”) so it just felt unlikely.

Thursday arrived, mum at her boyfriends, me going through the hospital solo because I knew the route now and felt safer, different Doc this time around and quick in and out but I need to go back there next Wednesday because there are some “adhesions” that could be completely harmless but lets be safe sort of deal. Keep using drops, keep using Co-amoxiclav till end of packet.

Friday is here. I’ve booked my neurology appointment for 14th September when my son starts full days at his new school (earliest was 2rd of Sept but easier for everyone if my son is in school for full day of). I’ve had an upset stomach for days, my son has blocked up the only loo in the house so that needs to be fixed before I can use it and I’m not feeling too happy about that. Ear is on the mend and getting much better but the other pain I’ve had for months and months and months, isn’t. It’s also a travel day I have to take my son on a 2 and a half hour car trip to Norfolk and then do the 2 and a half hour trip home while he spends the weekend with his dad.

I’m exhausted, achey, my teeth especially hurt for unknown reasons, and frankly all I want to do is curl up in a ball and cry for England.

How was your week?



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